TNT’s reboot of Dallas actresses Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo from Dallas on TNT speak with Chris Barrett in Philadelphia.

Jordana Brewster is Elena Ramos:
As the cook’s daughter, Elena Ramos grew up on SouthFork ranch with John Ross and Christopher Ewing. Elena moved to Dallas from Mexico with her parents when she was eight years old, where her mother Carmen was the beloved cook to the Ewing family. Growing up, John Ross, Christopher and Elena were as close as The Three Musketeers, and while Elena never played favorites between the cousins, it was always Christopher who secretly had her heart. Despite John Ross’ mischievous and rebellious ways, Elena always saw the good in him and supported him, which led to John Ross secretly caring for her his whole life. But it was Christopher who won her heart when they began dating in graduate school and eventually became engaged. When a misunderstanding led to calling off their wedding, Elena was heartbroken and fled to Mexico where John Ross found her and confessed his love. Elena had dreams of her own to make it big in the oil industry, so armed with her masters degree in energy resources and her new Ewing business partner, she has returned to Dallas ready to strike it big.

Julie Gonzalo is Rebecca Sutter:
Rebecca Sutter is the beautiful and intelligent fiance of Christopher Ewing. The couple met on a train in Asia just days after Christopher’s engagement to Elena was broken off and he fled the country heartbroken. Despite his traumatic break up, Christopher was intrigued by the friendly American girl who was traveling Asia after completing law school. Rebecca is a self made woman, having lost her parents at a young age in a car accident, leaving her to grow up alone with her brother Tommy. She worked hard to put herself through law school with Tommy’s support. Meeting Christopher was the greatest thing to happen in her life, and for the first time in a long time, she feels truly safe and ready to lean on someone. Upon returning to SouthFork with Christopher, she is determined to have the wedding go off without a hitch and start their new life together. She quickly befriends Elena in the hopes of learning more about Christopher and finding her own place at SouthFork as the new Mrs. Ewing.


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